toby keane
train shot


After leaving his native Dartmoor for Bristol in 2003, Toby formed and fronted The Dead Lovers. For two years the band gigged across the country, supporting the likes of Snowpatrol and Bristol's darlings, Gravenhurst. Toby's vocals were compared to Coldplay's Chris Martin and the Doves: "Sounds exactly like a hybrid of Coldplay and Doves at a time when their visions were undiluted and they were making music that would melt a million hearts" [Logo Magazine 2005]

 In 2005 he settled in London where he continued to write, to gig and to collaborate. In 2007 he self-released his first solo EP, the touching 'For Jo & Bill': "In a world where singer-songwriters are packaged, marketed and sold in supermarkets, Toby Keane is really quite refreshing." [The- Mag 3/07]

Toby's latest offerings, produced with guitarist and producer, Jamie Maher, have the introduction of strings, which are both haunting and evocative, and has scored more comparison, “The potential to be the best singer songwriter I’ve heard come out of the UK since Tom McRae ........and I think that guy’s a genius......achingly beautiful.” [Incendiary magazine 10/08]

He has since returned to the Southwest and to Cornwall where he is currently promoting the second single ‘London’. He has also recently been featured on BBC Radio 6 and has achieved more praise; “‘London’ is dense and daringly slow….it all hangs together beautifully and is wonderfully produced.” [BBC6 Tom Robinson 3/09]

Toby will be paying at venues around the southwest for the foreseeable future. Check his website for dates and download the single ‘London’ and ‘Lady Napalm’ for free. Phone for Bookings: 07870 665472